Punt de partida

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Pascual Costa, Miquel

In a winter afternoon almost turned to spring, which did not seem to have anything special, the crying of a baby echoed at the entry of the Casa de la Misericòrdia, just where the connection with the outside world was. One of the youngest Sisters of the congregation had heard the calling. Her experience was telling her another human being was about to fill the space generously offered by her arms. A new baby was about to receive her tireless capability to love. To Sister Clàudia, each time she did that action didn’t seem to her just one more, but unique and one-and-only. To the recently arrived one, that was a very special moment, unconsciously special. To the Institution, she was one more foundling.When a life starts, the great personal enigma is opened. At the beginning, almost any question has an answer. The answers will come with the time. But, at some moment, the enigma will become transcendent to the point of making the answer that will irremediably mark the rest of her life.  \n