Los paisajes del viento

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Morente, Imma

Poet with voices either in Spanish or Catalan, she has taken part in El Gironès, els seus poetes i versos, from the Grup Poètic Gironí, and in a poetry programme of Ràdio Sarrià. Selected in several occasions in the Festival de Poesia de Girona, Singulars d'un plural, and collaborator of the Revista de Girona with the publishing of her Haikus. Winner of the competition poetry Maria Oleart 2003with the book in Catalan No em miris als ulls en la foscor. Later on, she publishes, with the help of Ajuntament de Girona and Llibreria 22, Senhal Nirvana in 2004, and Torn de nit (to be published). Els paisatges del vent is her biggest illusion, to go back where the is the memory of her literary fathers: San Juan de la Cruz, Juan Ramón Jiménez, Pedro Salinas, Àngel González, Gil de Biedma and so many others. Poets who offered her an intense love towards written letters from the sentiments, and some roots present in her everyday life. \n