La veu dels sentiments

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Viñas i Bosch, Nemesi

Reading it has made me think of Joan Maragall's theory of the living word. The poet believed that the overriding mission of poetry was expressing life spontaneously. In fact there are poets who make us a little envious, since through a type of predisposition to what is natural to them, they say wise things as they flow out and they return primeval value to the word, which has become worn out by everyday upsets. Both for Maragall and Nemesi Viñas, aesthetic emotion seems to come from a unitary vision of the world through a landscape or a specific scene. Later this is communicated through the poem. Thus many of the poems of La veu dels sentiments seem to be born from a suggested emotion, flowing in a certain state of grace. Thus the long life of the poet is objectified through the poetic word that serves to give shape to a kind of emotional diary where man’s joy and sorrow is revived. \n(Pep Vila, "Pròleg")\n