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Les hores captives

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d'Espona, Imma

A first book written from the splendour of old age, in other words, in the context of an active condition that embodies the remains of all maturity and a spirit that has not lost the breath of youth. It contains in its depth the personal music of a time that has been lived and that hurries to make itself heard from the prospect of a reflexive present and a future with its doors and window wide open. Imma d'Espona has dedicated her life to music as a teacher. We could go further, and say that she has been and remains a musician by profession and spirit above anything else. Thus she knows within herself the extent to which —beyond measurable time— vibrant musical notes, or even a single note, can convey human depth.In Les hores captives the poet and the musician are inseparable. The one leads us to the other, and vice versa. "Contrallums", the first section of the volume, which contains twenty-two compositions, is a clear indication of the path the poet explores. And "Sonatines del temps", the second section, made up of the remaining twenty-one poems, accepts, as the name suggests, the direct route to clear intentions of complete mutual agreement. At this moment the experience of music written and lived in capital letters ends up being changed into the nerve that unites memory, soul and time lived.  \n